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Turnkey Projects 

“Turnkey construction” is a construction delivery method where a single entity, usually a contractor or construction company, is responsible for all aspects of a project from start to finish.


Commercial /industrial Properties

Turnkey construction is often used in commercial and industrial projects, but it can also apply to residential developments or custom home builds. It provides a convenient, hassle-free solution for clients who prefer a hands-off approach to construction, relying on the expertise and accountability of a single entity to deliver a complete, functional, and high-quality project.

Our Turnkey Service includes

We take care of everything: Design + Construction + Approvals + Interiors + Neighbours
Fixed and pre-decided price for most of the decisions that are required to build your home
Committed delivery timelines, else we pay a penalty
Upto 10 years of warranty

In Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad amd all over India.

How does the journey start for Turnkey home construction?

Step 1: Price quote based on full FAR consumption
Step 2: Agreement signed, price and project duration fixed
Step 3: Drawings started, approvals obtained. Contract updated based on actual area
Step 4: Construction started
Step 5: Regular meetings with Prithu team for tracking project progress, material / design selections and add-on / upgrades.
Step 6: Invitation for handover inspection once work is complete and Completion Certificate is issued.
Step 7: Handover with drawings and warranty documents.
Step 8: Warranty starts.

Material that you can track

When a material is delivered at site, time-stamped photographs are uploaded on the Prithu app by our Site Manager. You can see these photographs whenever you want. This way you can be assured that the material used is as per the agreement and approved brands/ quality.

Quality that you can track

Each site has a dedicated site incharge, who is a full time employee of Prithu. He applies upto 2000 checks, mostly with time-stamped supporting photographs using Bagichi homes ‘s whatsapp  group.


Our clients can see all these checks with supporting photographs through the whatsapp chat.

Easy to understand pricing

Our pricing is on a per sqft basis. So, as the area increases or decreases, the revised price can be calculated easily. We have different prices for different types of areas like covered area, semi-covered area, open area and basement area. We provide transparent volume discounts as the project becomes bigger bringing economies of scale.

Our Home is Better For You

More comfort for you

More peace of mind

Lesser or easier maintainance

Better looks and design

Longer life of home